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Archive for December 2018

Naples – The Source Of Cum4K

Naples – The Source Of Cum4K The great series of Cum4K, that’s been launched in the last days is known to be originating from Naples, FL. If you are a technology freak and you want the best and the latest, then you need to know that 4K […]

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Bidding: 9 trends to watch in 2019

While no one can be certain what will come of all the possible political, economic, societal, technological, legal and environmental changes, what is certain is that 2019 will bring some of the most challenging conditions for businesses since the last recession. What will the likely impacts be […]

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Construction stunned by immigration snub

Industry leaders have reacted angrily to the government’s Immigration White Paper which they fear could “devastate” construction. Home Secretary Sajid Javid set out the new policy on Wednesday which has snubbed a long-running construction lobbying campaign. The new rules will restrict the number of “low-skilled” construction workers coming into […]

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Rail bonanza for Murphy, BAM Nuttall and Osborne

Network Rail has announced the winners of one of its largest deals under the Control Period 6 period for 2019-2024. Places on the South of England framework have gone to J Murphy & Sons (Anglia), BAM Nuttall Limited (South East) and Geoffrey Osborne Limited (Wessex). Renewals and […]

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